Electrical Exam ?
Electrical Exam

Pass your Journeyman or Master Electrical Exam ! Based on the 2008 NEC.

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This will help any electrician preparing for All electrical exams based on the 2008 NEC !

This ebook was developed from taking years of practice electrical exams, Real electrical exams, research, and working in the electrical trade for over 29 years in the field. I have passed the Residential Exam - General Journeyman "Commercial" Exam - E2 Commercial Electrical Inspector Exam -and the Master Electrician Exam over the years.
I am a Real Electrician and wrote this to help you pass your exam !
Please read again from the top !

And now I can help you prepare and pass your electrical exam !!! Are you ready ?

This ebook Has over 175 questions and answers for the most common electrical exams in the United States. Based on the 2008 NEC. After working with this ebook it will increase your chances of passing by 99% !

I have worked very hard on this ebook to give you the best chance at passing your Journeyman or Master Electrician license. What's Inside ? Check it out !

Here is a few things that you will find in my Ebook.
  • Over 175 questions and answers for the electrical exam.
  • Tips on taking your electrical exam.
  • Works for all electrical exams based on the 2008 NEC !
  • Page numbers to most material so you can find it fast in the 2008 NEC codebook !
  • Conduit fill calculations made easy ! Also with page numbers !
  • Other calculations you will need.
  • More tips and page numbers !
  • No wrong answers to remember. Just the right answers !
  • Right click and search keywords !
  • .PDF file for all computers and great printing.
  • Print it out!
    Print is not disabled !!
  • works on PC or Mac computers !
  •  Delivery to your email address within 8 hours or less so you can get started today !
  • Best chance to Pass First time !!!
And MUCH More!!!
If you really want to pass your electrical exam , then you need to get this ebook !

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  Take your Exam while they are still testing with the 2008 code !  Some States will start testing on the 2011 code around the end of the year in 2014. Most states are testing on the 2008 NEC at this time. So get your exam passed now !

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