Electrical Exam 
Electrical Exam

Pass your Journeyman or Master Electrical Exam E-books  ! 

These E-books will help any electrician preparing for electrical exams based on the National Electrical Code 2014 or 2017  

These E-books are full of information developed from taking years of practice electrical exams, Real electrical exams, research, and working in the electrical trade for over 38 years in the field.

I have passed the Residential Exam - General Journeyman "Commercial" Exam - E2 Commercial Electrical Inspector Exam -  and the Master Electrician Exam over the years.

And now I can help you pass your electrical exam !!!

                                        Are you ready ?

Each E-book will help you memorize the questions and answers for the most common electrical exams in the United States. Based on the 2014 or 2017 NEC. After working with your E-book , it will tremendously increase your chances of passing your exam the very first time you take it !

I have worked very hard on these E-books to give you the best chance at passing your Journeyman or Master Electrician license. Your new E-book will help you memorize the answer so you don't have to spend valuable time trying to flip through your code book and look it up !

What's Inside ?
Check it out !

  •   Questions and answers for the electrical exam that you will need !
  • Tips on taking your electrical exam.
  • Works for any State electrical exams based on the NEC !
  • PAGE NUMBERS to most material so you can find it fast in the NEC codebook and Highlight important areas to remember in your codebook !
  • Conduit fill calculations made easy section ! Also with page numbers !
  • Other calculations you will need.
  • More tips and page numbers !
  • No wrong answers to remember. Just the right answers !
  • Right click and search keywords !
  • .PDF file for all computers and great printing.
  • Print it out!
    Print is not disabled !!
  •  Delivery to your email address instantly so you can get started today !
  • Best chance to Pass First time !!!
And MUCH More!!!
If you really want to pass your electrical exam , then you need to get this E-book !

No shipping charges !. Digital delivery over the net Instantly !

Email with download will be sent INSTANTLY to your email address so you can get started right now !

You do not need to create a Pay Pal account to pay with your credit or debit card .
I am using a very reliable delivery service for instant delivery products !  Very reliable, fast and safe through Pay Pal !

Journeyman Electrician 2014 E-book  20.00

Master Electrician 2014 E-book  22.00

Journeyman Electrician 2017 E-book  24.00

Master Electrician 2017 E-book  26.00

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