Electrical Exam 

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Q:Do you have voltage drop questions or calculations in your E-book ?
A: Yes. And I made it as easy as possible to understand !

Q:Will this work in _______ State ?

A: These  E-books will work in any state for any Electrical Exam based on the N.E.C. Electrical code that your state is testing in at the time. Journeyman E-books are for Commercial Electrician Exams, but can also be used for your  Residential electrician exam ,  and Residential Electrical Inspector Examination and will help you on that very well.

The Master E-books are for the Master Electrician Exams,  but can also be used for your Commercial Electrical Inspector Examination.

Q:  Will this work for the Residential electrical exam too ? 
A:  Yes.  The Journeyman E-book is for the General " Commercial Exam"  But will give you more than enough to help you pass your Residential Exam as well. 

Q: what format is the E-book in ?
A: It is in .PDF format. Most computers come with Adobe acrobat reader. But if not, it is a free download !

Q: How is the product sent instantly ? how long will it take ?
A: I pay monthly to a digital delivery service that has 99.9% up time. When you make your payment it will be sent instantly to your email !

Q: where is my product ?

A: Your product will be sent instantly to the email address you have with Pay pal or the email address you fill in with your credit or debit card order. 

If you do not see this INSTANTLY in your email address ,  then check your junk or spam folders to see if it ended up there if you have very high settings. If not please make sure your email inbox is not full by deleting old messages with photos-music-big attachments -etc. and then contact me through the contact us button on the left and I will resend.Or email me a different email address that you would like to send it to if your pay-pal email address is no longer.

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